BA 7000

JIM BURNS:  Project Management, Operations Management and System Dynamics
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This is a course on Systems Thinking and System Dynamics.

As an elective, this course will be designed in real-time to fit your needs exactly.  On the first day of class we will assess everyone�s collective needs and make adjustments.  Because of the summer format, the course wil take a more relaxed pace.  The course will  endeavor to accomplish multiple goals.  First, the course covers systems thinking and system dynamics in total; second the course will discuss contemporary problems in systems thinking as "projects."  Finally, the course will cover topics tangential to systems thinking like Goldratt's Thinking Process.  There could also be a lecture or two on stochasitic simulation using PROMODEL.  The thought here is that systems thinkers, of all people, ought to be eclictic in terms of their selection of tools for problem solving.  And, we should not blindly assume that all problems can be solved with system dynamics.


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