ISQS 4350

JIM BURNS:  Project Management, Operations Management and System Dynamics
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ISQS 4350 -- Information Technology Project Management


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Deliverables and due-dates are:
One-page Description (pre-proposal)         2-2-2017
Homework 1                                              2-9-2017
Requirements Document                           2-23-2017
Homework 2                                             3-9-2017
Project Plan                                             3-21-2017
Proposal                                                   4-6-2017
Mid-semester Report                                4-18-2017
Earned Value Analysis                             4-27-2017
Homework 3                                            5-4-2017
Final Project                                  5-9-2017
Final Exam, Section 001                5-11-2017
Final Exam, Section 003                5-15-2017
Final Exam, Section 002                5-16-2017